F.E.A.R.- False Evidence, Appears Real. We can fear success as well as fear failure. We have to DECIDE that we will not let those fears stop you and move on. The Past does not equal the Future. All that matters is what are we gonna do NOW.

John Lin

“I tell my prospective recruits that Cookie Lee is a huge opportunity to make income.  I let everyone know that Cookie and John are invited every year to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City because our company is so involved in setting the fashion trends for jewelry.

Once a customer buys from me, they are so excited to buy even more.  They all say that they get so many compliments about their jewelry, so I have customers coming back again and again.”

Koni Clements, Oklahoma, was a Top 10 Seller AND Recruiter for the month of September 2010. 

She shares how she achieves so much:

2 of the most important things are goal setting and consistency.  Her goal is to do 4 shows a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday primarily.  She is very busy with 6 in her family. 

She tries to make $300 profit per show, which she says annualizes to $57,000 / year.

Add in her monthly downline commission and Koni hits her annual pay goal of $100,000 per year.

Additionally, Koni aims for 2 recruits per month so that she can consistently earn the $300 Monthly High Performance Bonus.

Koni always plans to earn the free trip each year and she is a Mercedes Benz earner too.

Lastly, Koni feels it is so important to be ACCOUNTABLE to your goals.  She actually has several accountability partners that she talks to once a week on a conference call.  These are actually other consultants she befriended at her assigned dining table on a prior Cookie...

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New Team Managers on Trisha Rathke's North Carolina team for October, Sharonn Brown and Adria Boyd.

Lisa Kirkley

Dear John,

My son, Brandon McQuiston, was married on 10-10-10 and we are so happy!  He married a wonderful young woman named Cari Crevda (now McQuiston). :)

Here's a beautiful picture of them.  Notice that his bride, Cari, is wearing the Estate Bracelet #26317 page 55.


And, all the bridesmaids wore Cookie Lee jewelry and looked fabulous!!  They wore my favorite bracelet: The Exotic Mirage Bangle #89883 on page 14 of the catalog and the matching Exotic Mirage Earrings #82428!!  The gorgeous girls are below.  The first one on the left is my sweet daughter, Bonnie.  You may remember my kids...

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Carrie Miller wrote:  We did a wedding bells event with 300 brides in Wheeling, West Virginia, and had great success!!  We got 24 leads and can't wait to share where they take us!  Thanks to my gal Allison who booked this event!!


Hello John,

I hope all is well with you.  I have a new Consultant (and dear friend) that is just amazing to say the least.  She just signed up Sept. 29th and her wholesale sales are already over $2,000!  She has shows booked thru December and is even going out of state to do a few shows.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have her on my team.  Her EXCITEMENT is contagious!! 

I wanted to share her fall Cookie Lee table display with you.  She has several ladies come to her house to shop, so she has this set-up in her home at all times.  I was amazed when I saw it and I just had to share it with you.  I know we will be seeing more AMAZING things from Janet Samp. :)

Hugs to You and Cookie!! 

God Bless,

Marcie Yoder, Team Director


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Recent facebook.com posts below.  To see more, Consultants are invited to friend “John Paul Lin” on facebook.com.

  Evelyn Escobar wrote: Sold over $1,000 in a Cookie Lee show today!  Gave away over $200 in free jewelry! Tiffany Glass-Ballard wrote: I had a great show Saturday and it keeps getting better!  My hostess emailed and got me another show, plus I have a possible new recruit from it too!  Love this business! Betsy Hockaday wrote: Holiday Shopping night, cocktails, appetizers, fashion show, spa services - Life Time Fitness $5/person, Friday, Oct. 29 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.  Would love for you to join me!  Everyone's welcome!!

Tiffany Glass-Ballard wrote: Thanks John for posting this!  My show Saturday was $400 in sales and 2 bookings, plus the one she got me today!  This is such a wonderful company!  Thank you and Cookie so much for the support you give all of us.

Jane Champlin Giddings wrote: I was so excited!  I had my very first $1,642.00 show and $245 in free jewelry to the...

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Footage from Connie Allred’s Team Meeting in Brea, CA.

St.Louis, Missouri, Cookie Lee training meeting.  We had 5 leaders and 4 aspiring leaders, 15 more for the Team Meeting, and 1 guest who signed.  Carla Fine and Kathy Wunnenburg did a great job with awesome interactive training.  Call to action was to book shows and more to sign up for Insider’s Club.