Author: John Lin Created: 11/14/2008 3:28 PM
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OMG Shut Up!  Ann Johnson, Cookie Lee COO, and Victoria Love, Cookie Lee Events Manager, met First Lady Michelle Obama during their White House tour prior to the 2011 Baltimore Regional Launch last weekend.

Hit play and then fast forward to the 27-minutes and 40-second mark to see them.

… from Allyson Schwab of Iowa:

Since April commented on goals the other day, I’ll throw out there what I like to do: I like to print out last year’s Dream Getaway Trip report that shows my points.  I want to beat every month by at least $1 or more in sales and have one more recruit each month than I did last year!

Mree Vu was a top seller and recruiter for the Southeast region at the January 2011 Regional Launch. Way to go Mree !

Consultants playing the toilet paper mummy game at the January 2011 South East Regional Launch in Charlotte, NC.


Here are some goals sent by a new Consultant to her leader in North Carolina. This is a great example for ANY new Consultant to follow:

Hey April,

I hope your day is going good and that you made it back safely from the Launch.  Congrats on the Heart-to-Heart Award because you truly deserved it!

I wanted to email you my goals for the rest of January and February that I have been thinking about and finally wrote them down (I have the day off!).  So here they are in no particular order:

1. Promote to a Senior Consultant

2. Use the Golden Ticket from the Launch

3. Purchase jewelry every month

4. Carry my tote bag more

5. Have a show before Valentine’s Day/ book at least one show from that show

6. Meet new people/have fun/love what I do (kinda making this my theme for 2011) clip_image001


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Check out this email from one of their leaders:

Why direct sales??  Many women enter the direct sales market for many reasons.  Taking a quote from an article in Empowering Women magazine, with quotes by Dr. Tom Barrett, “Direct selling affords the quality of life and the capacity to leverage both our time and our revenue stream…  What so happens in life is that people have money but no time, some have time but no money, and too many people have neither.  Quality of life requires that we have adequate funds, adequate amounts of time and the gift of health.”  Direct selling companies provide the opportunity to increase earnings and, in time, the ability to reduce the number of hours spent on the job, which helps people create the quality of life they want.

Why Cookie Lee? Cookie Lee is committed to making your business thrive.  When you become a Consultant with Cookie Lee, you may be in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself.  Cookie Lee gives you the support to fuel the success of your...

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Emceed by CEO John Lin who always likes to perform a fun skit at the event.  Training, networking, recognition, motivation and a whole lot of fun.  Come to all our launches and Fashion Week.  It really does make a big impact on the growth of your Cookie Lee business !


Here’s another great video from Cookie featuring the Inspired Sea Glass Necklace (Page 15A; #82457).

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