Aug 1

Written by: John Lin
8/1/2011 8:16 AM 

Hi Nyra and Yolanda,

I just returned home from working a three-day convention and also working at my job.  I posted on John's Facebook that I had almost a $7,000 convention for the past three half-days.  Why I'm emailing you is because this is my third consecutive huge selling event since I returned home from our DGT.

What's concerning me is that the conventions that I'm participating in are national events and I am no longer meeting women who are familiar with our product.  The majority of these shows comprise of women from the Midwest, East Coast, and southern areas.  The attendees are extremely excited about the quality, the price and style, and are standing in long lines to purchase.  We need to ignite the nation at our Fashion Week to let these consultants know that there's tons of business out there.  People are out of work and need to make income for their families and if they worked their business, they could provide the income to make ends meet.

The attendees were teachers and not that highly paid.  I must have had 40 people ask me about fundraising and I wasn't prepared, but they were so enthusiastic that several came back to me after the convention hours were over and asked for more details.  Consultants have an opportunity today to call the schools and show them our catalog and fundraise across the nation.  I'm not sure what's going on in the field, but we need to ignite the consultants with the possibilities of making money and the different venues and ways to go about it.

Connie Allred has the best presentation for school fundraising by doing her cheerleading which definitely works
for me and could work for others.  Our Cookie Connection needs to be dedicated to ideas of how to sell our jewelry
besides the basic home show.  I remember when I first started out by hitting the local real estate offices with
carrying in a case of jewelry and having an impromptu sales event while begging every friend or customer to help me with more ideas to sell the jewelry (Women Helping Women).

I think we somehow need to provide more examples on how to and where to sell the jewelry with emphasis on being prepared to look nice ourselves (Cookie has taught us about this subject) and then go out and hit the field.  Possibilities are endless if you work at it.

Just thought you should know that we need to have some better branding out there by having our consultants work a little harder and not give up after one or two failed home shows.  There's lots of money to be made out there!

Warmest regards,

Vicki Kersey